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elizabeth taylor died this morning of congestive heart failure. good afternoon. >> the tributes are pouring in as people remember liz taylor. a child star who matured into a hollywood icon. a symbol of glamour and beauty and a champion for others, even amidst her own personal tragedies. >> elizabeth taylor was 79. she spent 70 of those years before a worldwide audience. and as stephanie stanton reports, she gave quite the performance. >> reporter: with her striking beauty and violet eyes, elizabeth taylor was the epitome of a hollywood icon. >> in some ways, she is the last of that classic studio era star. >> reporter: today in hollywood at her star on the walk of fame, fans paid tribute to the legendary actress. she first rose to stardom when she was just a teenager in
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national velvet. >> father, he is the loveliest thing. >> reporter: she won't to star in dozens of hollywood films including pictures like cat on a hot tin roof and cleopatra. she won two scars. she was also the first woman to earn a million dollars for a film. >> today that's a fairly small number. but at the time it was absolutely gigantic. >> reporter: offscreen her life was just as dramatic. >> i would say her life story had more incidents, more drama than most of the films that she actually did. >> reporter: married eight time to seven different men, husband number six, u.s. senator, john warner. >> heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> reporter: but it was her romance to richard burton whom she first married in 1974 and then again in 1985, that created a media frenzy. >> they were trail blazers for the paparazzi.
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there had never been anything like. that never stars that big. never a romance that famous and public and scandalous. >> reporter: in 2009, she privately mourned the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in her later years, it was her charity work for aids research that she says kept her going. just days after celebrating her 79th birthday in february, taylor was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, generosity and grace. a private family funeral will be held later this week. the family asked that in lew of flowers, donations be made to the elizabeth taylor aids foundation. in los angeles, news4. >> elizabeth taylor had a major connection to the washington area. she married former virginia senator john warner back in 1976. he was her seventh husband. they were featured on the cover of "people" magazine in 1980 in the article, taylor talks about campaigning for warner. they divided their time between
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their home on s street in georgetown and their farm in middleburg. they divorced in 1982. taylor also led the way in the fight against aids and hiv. she gave money to the whitman walker clinic in northwest washington. the clinic is named in her honor. in 1993, taylor attended the building's opening ceremony. her foundation continues to support the clinic. news4's john schriffen will have more on liz taylor's legacy in d.c. coming up at 5:00. we want to shift to the weather and you will probably need your umbrella if you're heading out. >> veronica johnson tells us why. >> hey there, guys. you'll have to hold on to that umbrella pretty tight, too. it looks as though we will have a round of some very strong if not severe storms coming through the area. there hasn't been much going on today so far. we have the early morning rain come through the area. we've been overcast today. south of the area we're seeing some breaks. take a look behind me as we
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check on the outside right now. there are the clouds. and here's where the watch boxes already. so for areas of southwestern pennsylvania, for ohio, for kentucky and most of west virginia, this is a tornado watch that will go sboo until 9:00 p.m. for areas of south western virginia, and for north carolina, western north carolina, eastern tennessee, this tornado watch goes until 10:00 p.m. yes, there is a chance we could see that extended off to the east to include a good portion of our area. now as far as where the storms have been today, they've been off to the west. some dangerous storms at that with a lot of hail being reported throughout ohio and indiana. you can zoom in and see around i-79, morgantown, clarksburg and even charleston. there is that line of storms extending down through the south and west. so in terms of our rough weather, i think we'll be looking at that between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.
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the good night forecast, storms, thunderstorms, possible severe storms up until 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. it will be a very january-like weekend. >> thank you. president obama stay adamantly ruling out any u.s. ground troops being sent into libya. he made the statement during an interview with a spanish language network just before taking off to return home from his latin american trip. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest on the u.s. involvement. >> reporter: the assault on libya continues led by the u.s. these are british fighters. a british air tanker refueling other coalition war planes. >> getting a lot of support from the italians. >> reporter: u.s. pilots are flying 45% of the missions now, down from 85% a few days ago. moammar gadhafi's forces are taking heavy hits from the air. but on the ground, rebel forces
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are losing territory. unable to retake towns they once held. could gadhafi survive? the pentagon chief today says maybe. >> i think there are any number of possible outcomes here. and no one is in a position to predict them. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton said the air war is succeeding. >> many, many libyans are safer today because the international community took action. >> reporter: not good enough, said a key republican critic. >> they're now saying this is a humanitarian intervention which is nonsense. if this is not designed to get rid of gadhafi, then this makes no sense at all. >> reporter: more u.s. marines headed to libya today from norfolk. emotional goodbyes. president obama has vowed not to send in ground forces but more marines going signals, the fight dog drag out. a pro gadhafi news anchor brought a rifle on the sw, vowing the rebels and the
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u.s.-led coalition will be beaten. secretary of state clinton today amped up american rhetoric a notch declaring gadhafi ought to give up leadership. and she said leave libya. i'm steve handelsman, news4. israeli police call a bombing at a crowded bus stop in jerusalem a terrorist attack. one woman died. at least 20 people are injured. the explosion shattered nearby windows and could be heard throughout jerusalem. this is the first major palestinian attack in several years. it comes amid rising tensions between israel and hamas militants. authorities are threatening harsh retaliation. there are new concerns about the safety of food and water in japan. officials say the tap water in tokyo is showing elevated levels of radiation. parents are being told to stop giving tap water to their babies. there has been a run on bottled water as a result of that. the radiation has been detected in some vegetables and raw milk. it now is estimated at least
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9,500 people were killed when the earthquake and tsunami hit that region nearly two weeks ago. another 16,000 people are missing. donald trump plans to led to iowa before he decides whether to seek the republican presidential nomination. republican officials say trump will address the party's lincoln day dinner in iowa on june 10th. the billionaire new yorker already said he plans to visit new hampshire in june. then he'll make his big decision. we're going to head to the highways and find out how the rush hour is going. >> how about it? >> my goodness. what a nasty afternoon out there. we had an early major know. that was between 50 and 66th on the inner loop of the beltway. the delays were kick into high gear early. now we were jammed from braddock toward that scene. that accident now gone. but then they shut down the bell way on the inner loop at the
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toll road due to a separate accident. that, too, has been cleared. from braddock to the capital beltway on the opposite side by 201. you'll find you have big delays on that side as well. fortunately, there are no major accidents headed away from us and continuing down toward the wilson bridge. there are no ideas. a lot of delays. let's take a look at the capital beltway. a little lighter than you might expect coming toward us. the inner loop has the big delays. the pace does improve but we have the typical delays toward connecticut avenue. not much congestion, most of it is stuck in virginia. back to you. >> thanks. >> the number for new home vaels in for february and they are not good. for the third straight month, sale for new homes plunged. another sign consumers are pulling back in a big way when it come to buying into the american dream of homeownership.
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michelle franzen gives some potential reasons buyers are holding back. >> reporter: new home sales took a dive in february. falling nearly 17%. its slowest pace on record in nearly 50 years. analysts stay snowy and cold winter weather was a factor that kept buyers away, but the drop also shows how the housing market is still struggling to find solid ground since the recession. >> still, the number is very bad. it is a concern for basically the fragile recovery in housing and certainly puts the risk of basically another turn-around in housing for the u.s. >> reporter: it is the third straight month of declines for new home sales at a time when interest rates are low. and nationwide, the median price of a new home dropped 14% in february. its lowest since 2003. analysts say if new home sales don't pick up in the spring, it could begin to have an impact on the overall economy. >> if we see this figure, if we see this extended into the spring season, we're going to see a real hit to the economy.
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we're going to see basically those construction jobs will disappear. we'll see people not needing to buy that new refrigerator or new appliance. what does that mean for home prices? >> reporter: in addition to new home sales, the wave of foreclosures is still dragging down the housing market i know what a backlog of inventory of existing homes up for sale. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. we have some breaking news. minutes ago, acting d.c. school chancellor kaya henderson placed mckinley tech high school principal david pender on paid administrative leave. pender is accused of changing grades on students' transcripts. the allegations first surfaced in the washington examiner. the allegations center on 13 students who were given credit for classes they never took back in 2009. we interviewed pender on our midday news last fall as part of nbc education nation series. that was in september. news4's chris gordon will have a live report on this breaking story coming up at 5:00.
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news4 at 4:00 is just getting started. up next, a judge rules in the case of the worst wedding video ever. a royal
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the worst wedding video ever. that's what it is being called. the not so happy british couple got restitution in court for a video that got backs have heads, blades of grass and feet but not much of the important stuff. the british media reports the judge ordered the videographer to pay back almost double the fee to make up for thing like court costs. however, the filmmaker declared bankruptcy so the couple doesn't expect to see a dime. i think we call that like reverse role. when you think you're recording but you're actually doing the opposite. when you're just walk around, you're actually filming. but when you think you're shooting, you're not at all. >> either that or the videographer had a real bad eye. >> just bad. for the royal wedding, let's hope he's not shooting there. the wedding is just six weeks away. for the first time in history the ceremony will be released digitally. >> deca records said it will be available on itunes and other online retailers hours after the
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event. it will include the couple's vows, their readings and all the music from the wedding ceremony. the royal wedding album will be released on cd, vinyl and even cassette beginning may 5. >> and they'd better have faces in all the pomp and circumstance. >> all the important wedding stuff. the company that hit it big by renting dvds by mail and movies is about to move into new territory. >> netflix plans to offer. >> reporter: netflix started with dvd rentals by mail. last year the company's movie streaming option caught on big time with many of the 20 million subscribers. >> overall, netflix has been on a huge role. really blown away everybody's expectations and they've played the cards so well. >> the company's newest card is actually house of cards. that's the title of a big money 26 episode political drama.
4:17 pm
netflix plans to launch late next year. oscar winner kevin spacey will star in and produce what will be the first original series. one they outbid traditional broadcast and cable networks to get. >> i think this is a big, big gamble for netflix. >> the movie come as netflix's dominant position in streaming delivery faces new challenges including voodoo and >> it really sets the company apart in what is becoming an increasingly crowded field with streaming. >> reporter: but changing netflix' menu of offerings could lead to changing its subscription model which starts at $7.99 a month. >> if it will start paying more money to create original content and to acquire more content, then it may eventually have to charge its subscribers more money. >> reporter: original content introduces netflix to a challenged tv network space, enticing people to watch. >> by investing so heavily in a
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big, a really big budget production like, this you have to wonder if maybe they're going a little bit off course. >> reporter: but netflix is trusting its house of cards will provide a solid foundation for future growth. nbc news. today is the deadline for lindsay lohan. according to tmz, she rejected the plea deal. >> the judge in her felony theft case gave her one last opportunity to accept a plea or go to trial. so now it is going to trial. lindsay lohan is accused of stealing a necklace from a california jewelry store. a preliminary trial is set for april 22nd. a guilty verdict could mean three years behind bars. a popular rapper will be sentenced in june for tax evasion. his real name is jeffrey atkins pleaded guilty to tax evasion yesterday. he admitted he didn't pay tax on more than $3 million between 2004 and 2006 as part of a plea
4:19 pm
deal, prosecutors dropped charges related to unpaid tax for two more years. he faces up to three years in prison and $300,000 in fines. the disco singer known for her 1980s hit, love sensation, lolita holloway has died. ♪ >> holloway was 64. her manager says she died from heart failure. she also recorded several disco singles, including hit and run and runaway. holloway died monday evening in her home town of chicago. a public memorial is planned. some people are wondering if there is a spiderman curse. >> yes. yet another cast member has been injured on the set of the broadway musical superman, turn off the dark. the $70 million show full of complicated and elaborate
4:20 pm
stunts. the layoff accident happened last wednesday. spiderman, we're talking about here, an actress was hurt during a fight scene and will be side lined for a few weeks. but get this. she had replaced the original actress who suffered a concussion in another onstage accident in december. at least five spiderman performers have been seriously injured in this production. >> wow! but it's creatinging buzz. it is still selling out. coming up, the website that promotes infidelity and it has millions of subscribers. also ahead, how a 9-year-old girl risked her own life to save her sister. plus, for all your news, be sure to follow us on
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so veronica is telling us we're under a thunderstorm watch. >> right. a severe thunderstorm watch. which is certainly better than spots west of us, the ohio valley. they've been under a tornado watch and will until late this evening. at least we don't have such a huge area to worry about. the possibilities of tornadoes but can't rule that out. there is still the possibility that we can have an isolated tornado around here. but really our main threat will be that of hail and i had some damaging winds through the area between the pocket of 6:00 p.m. and about 9:00 or maybe even 10:00 p.m.
4:24 pm
50 degrees is the current temperature with the south southeast wind at nine miles an hour. boy have we been socked in with cloud cover today but parts of the area, breaking out with sunshine. getting some heating going. a lot of moisture moving in. with the weather front, the possibility of severe weather. until 11:00 p.m., severe thunderstorm watch. that's for areas of carroll county down through the district. as far south as stafford county, the points off to the west, the yellow, that's the tornado watch that really is areas of west virginia and extreme western maryland. look at the temperature here. 45 degrees in hagerstown. 46 in frederick, maryland. 65 in charlottesville and roanoke now at 78 degrees. that's less than a three-hour drive to get from one point to the other. look at the breaks in the cloud cover. that's the heating that will be taking place. indeed, our temperatures could be going up. as far as the air goes, right in the middle. we have a cluster of storms we have from western maryland, area
4:25 pm
of i-68 there, making their way north of deep creek lake. then there is a lot more storms. a big cluster and several lines that have been moving through. ohio and areas of northern kentucky. several lines of storms. today it has been mostly producing hail. you don't have to go far to see the areas of new york that could get several inches. more on the way possibly for the weekend. it is making its way east and bringing some lightning with it. there is the weather front. store to the north. over the next few days, our temperatures will be stuck in the 40s. so the best chance of thunderstorms from about 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. then tomorrow morning, the chilly air, the system rotating through. we could have a few lingering showers at the bus stop tomorrow
4:26 pm
morning. for the evening, gusty storms. for tomorrow morning, 39 to 44. some scattered and mostly light showers. as well as during the afternoon, 46 to 50 degrees. that's it. on the chilly side, again, we will continue to keep you updated through the evening here on severe weather. should it roll through the area. there is that possibility with high winds with hail being the main threat. saturday and sunday looking at a january-like weekend with highs in the low to mid 40s and could have a few flakes around the area. >> retro. going back. >> thanks. still to come, why ashley madison zokt one of the most controversial match making sites online. plus, facebook's founder finally commits to his girlfriend. girlfriend. well, sort of, anyi,
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> legendary actress elizabeth taylor is being mourned this evening after her death this morning at a hospital in los angeles. taylor died of congestive heart failure. she was 79. taylor is being remembered for her beauty, her charity and her marriages. coming up tonight at 5:00, the legacy she left behind here in washington. president obama is adamantly ruling out sending u.s. ground troops to libya.
4:30 pm
this as allied forces continue their air strikes destroying missile sites around the capital of tripoli mx two cities where pro gadhafi troops have been attack citizens, coalition troops have struck an ammunition depot while libyan ground forces. new home sales plunged in february, falling nearly 17%. this despite the median price of a home, dropping 14%. it is the slowest pace on record in nearly 50 years. this is all a sign consumers are waiting to see how the economy fares in the spring and summer. the dow jones industrial jumped 64 points to close at 12,086. the nasdaq gained 14 points to close the day at 2698. the s&p 500 earned three points to end at 1297. more than 8 million people have signed up for a match making service for adulterers.
4:31 pm
anally madison doc's founder said his site is one of the fastest growing networking sites. as kevin tibble explains, it sparked a lot of outrage. >> reporter: ashley madison is brash, bold and makes no apologies for being the premier match maker for aspiring adulterers. >> isn't it time for >> reporter: the entrepreneur behind the website is 39-year-old noel beaderman. he claims that this will be the fastest growing network after facebook. you can log on for free but must pay for credits to talk to someone beyond an initial e-mail. and it has sparked considerable outrage. >> the ashley madison website is
4:32 pm
morally reprehensible. the owner is promoting adultery. he is making it easier for people to have affairs. >> reporter: for this month's issue work the red book reporters went went undercover, so to speak, meeting in public places and not the bedroom. >> that was the most shocking experience. the responses that i got, some of them were very sexual. >> there is a lot of unhappy people on ashley madison using this as a way to escape their marriage for a while. >> reporter: while discreet second is one motivating factor, others seek an emotional connection. ashley madison introduced to us two women who asked that their eye dents be concealed. >> hubby and i don't get along very well. he took my self-esteem from me. and meeting other men, i've gotten that back. >> ashley madison for me guarantees that the person that i'm going to be coming involved with has as much to lose as i do. >> reporter: this has made him a
4:33 pm
very rich man. is he a home wrecker? >> it is a painful thing for society but that's where we're at. >> reporter: they are unhappily married to other people when they met are now married to each other. >> i'm not proud of it but i don't regret that i've met michael. >> the taboo business of having an affair has become big business. kevin tibbles, nbc news, toronto. >> according to his facebook status, the founder of the social net wok site is finally in a relationship. mark zuckerberg and his long time girlfriend both changed their status over the weekend. the 26-year-old billionaire remarked that the change was slightly overdue. their sites list their anniversary as november 7, 2003. they met at harvard and they live together in california. they recently bought a little puppy named beast which of
4:34 pm
course has its own facebook page. 2003 and then he finally puts in a relationship. >> he said it was a little overdue. >> a little. >> just a little. he is a baby who has netted more than 9 million views online. >> we just cannot get enough of it. watch as 5 and a half-month-old emerson tries to figure out if she laugh or cry when his mom blows her nose. >> baby emerson and hess parents were on the "today" show this morning talking about the video. the nose blowing and emerson's sudden fame. >> he was a little scared. i had been sick for about a week and he did get scared quite a few times when i had blown my nose but he had never laughed like that. >> have you tried blowing your nose since?
4:35 pm
what happens if you do that now? >> there is no reaction anymore. eover it. >> he now knows what that is. emerson's mom said she is shocked by all the attention the video has gotten and she said she never thought it would go this far. of course not. she was just blowing her nose. a pair of twin polar bear cubs were introduced to the public for the first time today in germany. the cubs are at the nuremberg zoo in southern germany. the twin bears are named gregor and alut. they look to be enjoying the spring time sunshine. this is the first time that visitors to the zoo can watch a mother polar bear care for her young. you may recall over the weekend, germany's most famous polar bear died. knut was only 4 years old as a cub. polar bears usually live for up to 20 years so there is an investigation underway to see exactly what caused his death. much more ahead on news4 at 4:00. a woman thought her dog died in a house fire almost a month ago.
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a houston based company has claimed responsibility for a mile long spill in the gulf. they said it was surprised by the spill but takes full responsibility for cleaning it up. last week government officials traced the oil back to a dormant well owned by them. it has been offline since hurricane katrina. the incident is not related to the bp oil spill last year. a boston woman thought she had lost her beloved pet lola in a fire that heavily damaged her home last month. >> an unusual series of events led her to discover her best friend was still alive. teresa was called back to her damaged property monday because of a blaring car alarm. while she was there, she heard a sound inside her house. >> scratching at the door. and then i called out my dog's name and she started crying. i couldn't believe she was in the house almost a month.
4:40 pm
it's crazy. >> oh, my goodness. almost a month? you know she was hungry, thirsty. that's amazing she is still alive. lola has a few injuries, pretty hungry, yes, but the vet said she will be all right. >> a tough little dog. my goodness! tonight on nbc washington nonstop, eating local and beer from abroad. here's aaron gilchrist with a preview. >> reporter: lots coming up on nbc washington nonstop. i'll join pat for daily connection. later, nonstop foodies d.c. we're talking fresh food. how to get the most out of your visit to farmer's market. then stay tuned at 9:30. we're checking out a neighborhood bar that looks like it is right out of europe. a great place to meet for locals. coming up on news4 at 4:00, we told but candles for men last week? now a 13-year-old boy's home is a factory. plus, a horse found abused is now running on four legs for is now running on four legs for the verywhat do we have here?
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i'll be tweeting about the severe weather. >> your fingers will be busy tonight. >> let's hope not too busy.
4:44 pm
>> it gets a little sloppy. >> i don't want to be messing anything up about this evening's severe weather. and right now, taking a look at this line to the west and even a couple of clusters. a tornado warming up in western pennsylvania until 5:00 p.m. already. will he take a look at our temperature. we're at 50 degrees currently with an overcast sky. the possibility of some breaks. even if we don't get a break in the overcast sky here, getting some sunshine and some warming. it still could be an interesting evening as the storms roll in right now in western maryland around western maryland and most of that first line is sitting outside of virginia. >> but it is rolling east very quickly at 50 miles per hour. between 6:00 p.m. and still some storms that could be coming through the area until 9:00 or even 10:00 p.m.
4:45 pm
that's a look at the radar. we'll go ahead and zoom around here a little bit. there is the line. parkersburg toward areas of kentucky still. all this for the evening hours and early part of the night. a severe thunderstorm watch for us. the main threat, some damaging winds and the possibility of some hail. the yellow again, that's the tornado watch. ohio toward eastern tennessee and western north carolina. on your good night weak-up forecast, stormy until 9:00, maybe even 11:00 p.m. for spots to the east of us. tomorrow morning in the mid 40s. we could have some scattered light showers around the area for tomorrow morning. 45 in fredericksburg. the high temperature tomorrow, i'm thinking cool they are than 50 degrees. probably under 50. it will be chilly. the worst of our storms rolling out. by midnight, thing should be quieting down and those are a few flakes that you see showing up before early tomorrow morning in our north western, far
4:46 pm
northwestern counties. for the weekend, 44 to 40 degrees saturday and sunday with some rain showers and maybe even early part of sunday we could have some snow trying to mix in. so now it is not only chilly for the weekend but chilly also as we look forward into the early part of next week. i'll be tweeting about severe weather and have more of that. >> you guys are mixing it up. it started as a small idea by a 13-year-old boy. candles for men. >> he was on to something. now after some national media exposure, man cans is receiving orders by the thousands. >> nbc's reporter tells us how the family's craze has turned the kitchen upside down. >> when i called you, do you remember what up to me? >> what have you done to us? >> reporter: the kitchen this their house has been open nearly 24/7. >> stressful. very stressful.
4:47 pm
>> is this how you spend your saturday night? >> friday night, saturday night, all day sunday. >> it's a very tight space when we're trying to make candles and fill orders, we get bumped into each other. >> reporter: thousands of orders poured into his e-mail account of a his story aired all over the world. >> i want to get all these. >> reporter: his candles with scents like bacon and gear head even lined the desks of the "today" show. >> on friday, google set the g-mail account down because they thought we were spamming. >> reporter: the success at times overwhelming. according to his father craig. >> i think the story has gotten so big people don't understand, it is being made in a kitchen by basically three people. four. >> reporter: that's cameron's 12-year-old here is the labels the candles. and the 8-year-old is at the office desk. >> are you quality control?
4:48 pm
>> my favorite hair dryer is commandeered to fix imperfections in the surface of the wax. >> reporter: every spare moment used to fill orders and get them shipped out. this easy chair has become the outbox. in the midst of the chaos though, the main family has a main priority. >> we would donate the 6,000 cans of soup to the red cross and someone would have to vacuum seal it. >> reporter: so they're looking for a partner company and holding on tight to a cause. >> and i truly believe that this is the reason it has blown up. it has become about feeding peep. >> it is a bright spot. it is a kid doing things that no one does. >> what a great idea. i wonder where they eat? they must eat out a lot. >> it has taken over that kitchen. >> that kitchen is running nonstop. >> hart main came one this idea for man cans after watching his sister make candles at school.
4:49 pm
& they were full of the other scents. the opening day was inspired by the upcoming baseball season. and i think it is supposed to sell like a baseball glove. >> just what you want your house smelling like. a horse gets a new life. plus how a young girl saved her sister's life at the bus stop. a disturbing discovery as firefighters find a body inside this dumpster. now what investigators are saying about the crime and the victim. a sky high showdown. why some people say an airplane is no place for children. stress relief on the job. how busy professionals in our how busy professionals in our area are squeezing in time for
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verizon. the hardest working network in business. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. the darkest days of a miniature horse named midnight are now behind him. he was born without most of his right rear leg. the 4-year-old was taken from a neglectful owner and handed over to a rescue group in north texas. that rescue group feared he would have to be euthanized. but a company stepped in and made a prosthetic leg for the horse. the rescue group hopes that they would be able to give midnight ability to walk. the horse had other ideas and started running soon after his fitting.
4:53 pm
>> this is day three of the barry bonds perjury trial. today a friend of bonds testified that the baseball star ordered him to research the benefits and side effects of steroids. steve hoskins said that back in 1999, bonds asked him to find out about the drug. hoskins took the witness stab after the government's lead sport's doping investigator finished investigating. he is accused of lying to a federal grand jury about using steroids. when we come back, how a 9-year-old girl almost died saving her
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
her big sister cared enough. >> she is my sister. >> the 9-year-old showed her sisterly love last month when the two waiting for the bus on this road in madison, georgia. >> i stood there like i always do to watch them cross the street. >> she was right beside me. i was holding her hand. >> as they made their way, a pickup truck approached. >> i tried to hurry up and go across. >> it was too late.
4:57 pm
and she mid a split second decision to protect her sister. >> we were in the middle of the road. and then i pushed her back. and then i did. and then i got hit. >> so i immediately ran to her. she didn't have a pulse. she was not breathing. >> moments later, loretta barryman stopped her bus to help. >> i struck her mom to hole her head while did i mouth to mouth. chest compressions and as she, when she took her breath, my first thing was thank god. >> reporter: her heroic actions cost her many thing. in addition to her broken neck, her lost a kidney, danieled her spleen and suffered two broken legs. sadly doctors couldn't save her left leg. they had to amputate. >> if she wouldn't have pushed her sister out of the way, i don't think she would be here. >> reporter: an overjoyed camry i know what the rest of the town gave her a hero's welcome after she left the hospital. >> she put her life on the line
4:58 pm
for her baby sister. >> she wanted me to get hit so she got in front of the truck. >> reporter: that's a very long thing for her to do, don't you think? the driver of the truck wasn't charged but her life is forever change. she faces a lot of rehab. because of her heroism, her sister will be by her side. nbc news, georgia. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. you can't have everything in life. >> remembering a hollywood screen legend. tonight at 5:00, a look back at elizabeth taylor's life and lasting legacy here in the district. a disturbing find inside this dumpster. why investigators think someone
4:59 pm
dumped a body in broad daylight as people headed out to work and school. a d.c. principal under fire tonight. what he is accused of doing to some student tran scripts. and logging online to land you in trouble. how crooks are using video games to steal your personal information. but first, get ready to rumble. we begin with severe weather across our region. good evening. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. a 73 thunderstorm watch is in effect. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking those conditions. doug? >> we're watching those storms make their way into portions of west virginia. for the most part right now, we're not quite in the mess just yet. outside, we're looking at thunderstorm. that severe watch was put into effect about a half-hour ago and it goes into 11:00 tonight for the areas you see there in that pink. that includes the districts, all of northern virginia and western portions of maryland. it does not include those countiesn

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